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¡¡¡¡Yahao Materials & Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2007, is a high-tech private enterprise positioned in the new material industry. The company has a total investment of 50 million yuan, covering an area of 30 mu, and the building area of the factory is 13000 square meters. University of Science and Technology Beijing and Jilin University yaho technology and the depth of cooperation, the company has 136 employees, including 1 doctors, 4 masters, 15 undergraduate, abundant human resources and strong R & D strength will lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of the company.
     The company currently has ten high-pressure water atomization lines, five ultra-fine powder gas water combined atomization lines, three gas atomization production lines and a crushing production line, with annual production capacity of 5000 tons of alloy powder. It mainly produces all kinds of alloy powder products, including magnetic powder core and soft magnetic powder for inductor,flake soft magnetic powder for absorbing materials, prealloyed matrix powder, MIM stainless steel powder, diamond catalyst powder, spray welding powder, amorphous powder and other alloy powder.
    The company has passed the ISO9001, ISO14001 quality system certification and the EU ROHS environmental certification. A scanning electron microscope room, a chemical composition analysis room, a magnetic material laboratory, a mechanical performance laboratory, and a metallographic analysis room have been established. Equipped with a VEGA 3 SBH scanning electron microscope and Thermo EDS analyzer, SPECTRO spark direct reading spectrometer, inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometer ICP-AES, C-S analyzer, N-O analyzer, laser particle analyzer, LCR tester, insulation impedance analyzer, power meter, salt spray test machine, microcomputer control microcomputer control universal testing machine, Rockwell hardness, metallographic microscope and other advanced testing equipment complete, establish and perfect the evaluation system of powder products, to ensure high quality and high stability products for customers.
   The product development and technical service of the company, in line with the principle of customer first, deeply understand the customers and meet the needs of the customers. Through timely and professional technical support, we can solve the worries of the customers.

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About Us
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